auctus sport case black 



Seliga AUCTUS loupes - modern operating loupes with precise magnification, large field of view and light weight. Successfully used in the majority of procedures performed in a dental office.

Those loupes are fitted with three hinges, so that the dentist working position is always correct and ergonomic, which is essential, especially during the long hours of treatments. Additional stabilizing tape increases comfort and attach the loupes  firmly on users’ head.

Seliga Auctus loupes have gained popularity among dental professionals through high quality at a very good price.



Three steps of regulation

With three-adjustment possibilities loupes can be adapted to any kind of work in an ergonomic position.

Regulated oculars

The ability to adjust the position of the oculars for each eye independently - very helpful when setting the stereoscopic view.

Stabilizing strip

Loupes are equipped with adjustable stabilizing strip providing comfort.

Colour variants

Dental loupes Seliga Auctus available are in 2 colours: black or gray-black.

Possibility of installation of LED lighting

Seliga AUCTUS loupes are available with Seliga AUCTUS LED light


Basic data:

Available magnifications x2,5;  x3,0;  x3,5
Available working distances 34cm;  42cm;  46cm;  50cm
Flip up feature yes
Light installation yes - optional
Warranty 24 months





  • light weight loupes
  • colour of frames:
    black, gray-black;
  • clear apochromatic optics
  • three hinges
  • adjustable oculars
    independent adjustment of the eyepiece position for each eye
  • flip-up feature
    possibility to work without magnification without removing the loupes
  • cooperates with LED lighting Auctus
  • sporty design
  • weight: 72 grams
  • magnifications:
    x2,5; x3,0; x3,5
  • working distances:
    34cm; 42cm; 46cm

Magnification and working distance corresponding with the diameter of the field of view.


magnification working distance (mm) field of view (mm)
x 2,5 340/420/460/500 85/105/110/120
x 3,0 340/420/460/500 65/85/90/100
x 3,5 340/420/460/500 60/70/80/85