Seliga Microscopes

kolposkopWe specialize in the production and distribution of specialized equipment for use in magnification. We offer equipment used in dentistry, gynecology, ENT. Our activities embrace the broadly defined medicine, although the flagship  consistently remains  dentistry.

Over the past few years, our devices have gained popularity in Poland, becoming a popular, alternative choice for well-known brands with a long tradition. Currently, microscopes and colposcopes Optilion PICO, Optilion CSA SmartOPTIC are used every day in hundreds of offices, not only in Poland but also in many other countries.

The priority of our work is to strive for the best customer service. For each transaction we have an individual approach, involving time and energy to satisfy the final recipient.

Not only equipment


Popularizing the work in magnification, our offer could not be complete without specialized courses and training. They are now mainly training concerning  work under the microscope. Our goal is to provide the doctors opportunities for improvement in conditions as close as possible to clinical trials under the guidance of recognized experts practitioners. During the training participant has at its disposal a fully equipped workstation. Currently our courses are held in one of the most modern training rooms in Poland.

Conscious choice

In order to share and promote the idea of working in magnification, our company has launched the first free microscopes tests in dental offices. By doing so, many doctors can see more, and the microscope in the office has become commonplace.

Cross section deals

Our offer is constructed in a way which shows off the diversity of devices-however, each of them  in high quality and utility in its class. We promote middle class economical devices, middle class optimum devices , but also cooperate with world leaders in the production of equipmen, leading the forefront in their fields. These are companies such as Dantschke - units or Global ENT Surgical - a world leader and expert in the field of surgical microscopes. We are the exclusive distributor of both companies throughout the country.



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